About Truemedix

At Truemedix, we are fully aware that quality standards needs to be met at every level and accurate results are possible, only by adopting the stringent guidelines. Quality is an important part of a patient’s healthcare journey and therefore customer centricity is one of our utmost priority. Required samples are collected as per the set procedures and our qualified team ensures the highest quality and accuracy of reports. Our state-of-the-art systems aids us to provide reports in the best turn-around times and a seamless experience for all our customers.

Lack of adequate resources makes diagnostics not easily accessible to everyone. Truemedix is working on this point to make diagnostic needs to be accessible to all.

We take pleasure in informing you that our test menu which is elaborate consists not only routine tests but also high-end and specialized genomic tests. Due to a large menu of tests we match your requirements whether it is for detection, diagnostic screening, confirmation, and disease monitoring and prognosis.


Our vision is delivery of quality results in Laboratory diagnostics, adopt updated technology and be a leading player in diagnostic industry.


Our mission is to provide a wide range of accurate diagnostic services fulfilling the health care needs of our customers in a timely manner with cutting-edge technology, innovation, and excellent customer care services along with the highest degree of efficiency, reliability, and accuracy at affordable cost.

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