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Ckd (chronic Kidney Disease) Risk Map

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15 mL (10 mL min.) aliquot of first morning or random Urine AND 2 mL (1 mL min.) Serum from 1 SST. Record patients age, gender and height on test request form. Ship refrigerated or frozen. First morning specimen of urine is preferred.

Compensated Jaffe’s reaction, IDMS traceable, Immunoturbidimetry, Calculation


KDIGO guideline, 2012 recommends Chronic Kidney disease (CKD) should be classified based on cause, GFR category and albuminuria (ACR) category. GFR ; ACR category combined together reflect risk of progression and helps clinician to identify individuals who are progressing at more rapid rate than anticipated. It can be a guide to review current management, examine for reversible cause of progression and to determine frequency ; duration of follow up. Individuals who are ‘‘rapid progressors’’ should be targeted to slow their progression and associated adverse outcomes.

*GFR, Estimated *Microalbumin Albumin Creatinine Ratio, Urine *GFR Category * ACR Category *CKD Classification *Risk of Progression

First morning urine is the preferred sample. Record patients age, gender and height on test request form.

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