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Glucose Tolerance Test (gtt) Pregnancy, 75g 2 Hrs

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2 mL (1 mL min.) Plasma from 1 Grey Top (Sodium Fluoride) tube for each timed specimen. Draw baseline fasting specimen. Dissolve 82.5g glucose monohydrate (equivalent to 75g anhydrous glucose) in 300 mL water. Administer orally over a period of 5 minutes. Draw additional specimens at 1.0 ; 2.0 hours. Note time drawn on each container label and test request form. Ship refrigerated or frozen. Overnight fasting mandatory.



This test is recommended in pregnant women at 24-28 weeks of gestation not previously diagnosed with overt Diabetes. A diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes mellitus is made if any one of the following value is exceeded: fasting is > 92 mg dL, 1 hour is >180 mg dL and 2 hour is >153 mg dL.


Overnight fasting is mandatory.

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