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3 mL (2 mL min.) Whole blood in 1 Lavender Top (EDTA) tube AND 3 mL (2 mL min.) Whole blood in 1 Green Top (Sodium Heparin) tube. Ship immediately at 18–22°C. DO NOT REFRIGERATE OR FREEZE. Specify time, date and clinical details on test request form.

Flow cytometry

Sample Daily by 9 am; Report Same day

This test is primarily used to evaluate the percentage of granulocytes in blood which express CD55 ; CD59 and those which do not express them. These antigens are absent on the hemopoietic cells of patients suffering from PNH.

*CD55 *FLAER on Monocytes ; Granulocytes *CD59 on RBC

Give brief clinical history.

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